Zero Gravity Recliner Chair is a special design for relaxing,

with stepless power adjust function.

You can recline your chair to any position you like,

no matter rest or sleep is able and comfortable.


 Zero Gravity Recliner Chair has duo-motors,

so you can set your chair recline or lift in your favorite position.



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Customize Product:

If your Idea Quantity reaches a 40HQ ( about 126 sets),

you can design your own customized product!

For instance, Shapes, color , meterrials , Logo printing, Function setting.


Every thing is possible to customize,

so if you’re interested in it,

please feel free to contact us,

we will provide our best service to you!



Because of the customize service,

First, we will discuss for the customize details,

Then the price will be given after that!


Country we can provide services :

We have many experience in world trading,

so we can almost cover all the country around the world.

No matter US, UK, India, Japan, Brazil, Australia, EU…..

is in our service area!

Not only we provides great and fast service,

but also high quality products

so please don’t afraid of contacting us!


At last,

Hope everybody can have a healthy life!