This yoga foam exercise roller is the new best friend of yoga pilates enthusiasts.

The vibrating foam roller not only is easy to clean but also even easier to take with you on the go.

The vibrating foam roller is very great!

As well as it can relax and soothe tense muscles.

I love the yoga foam exercise roller!

In conclusion, the vibrating foam roller is great!


Yoga Foam Exercise Roller


Yoga foam exercise roller Feature   


Not only Release tightness in your muscles but also work out the kinks (muscular adhesions)

and improve your range of motion during your workouts with a foam roller!


Above all, this 15-Minute routine is my go-to foam rolling plan

when my muscles are sore and in need of some release.


For instance, try it a workout,

after that, to help release tension in certain trigger points

using this total body deep tissue massage technique.

Yoga Foam Roller


Yoga foam roller Specifications

  Battery:   2 AA batteries
  Material:   PU foam + mesh fabric
  Weight:   0.46kg
  Dimension:   37.5 x 10.6cm

Yoga Roller


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