Electric fitness running walking machine home use mini walking treadmill.


The mini walking treadmill subverts the traditional design,

entering the smart sports century.


Smart mini flat treadmill :

It is a very elegant treadmill and it is stored where others do not fit.


Are you someone who is sitting in the office every day but wants to exercise?

Are you someone who wants a lighter, smarter walk machine?

The smart running machine walking treadmill will meet your needs!!


Intelligent and slim design will make you love sports.

Let’s make life better!

Mini Walker Treadmill


This running machine walking treadmill is the new best friend of fitness enthusiasts.

Mini flat treadmill not only is elegant but also even easier to store.

As well as it can meet your daily training needs.


I love smart the running machine walking treadmill!

The mini flat treadmill can also be folding,

which allows you to place it wherever you want.





Higher speeds, larger belt size, and a powerful 550w motor will get you walking faster,

burning more calories and save you money on costly gym memberships.


Featuring a built-in calorie counter so you can track your results,

led touchscreen display, and remote control.


The walking treadmill will have you burning hundreds of calories a day,

come rain or shine.

Flat Treadmill


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