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Mini Flat Treadmill


Simple technology design, high recognition and unforgettable.

For instance, cool metal texture,

the LCD panel, matte texture overlay.


The light weight overall structure,

lighter weight, and higher strength,

therefore improving the stability,

load carrying capacity and service life

of the walking machine.


Above all, mini flat treadmill

there are two rollers on the bottom of the walker,

which makes it easier to move.


The walking platform is like a plastic track,

with a strong grip, comfort, and elasticity,

In addition, and protection of joints.


The walking board is made

of high density fiberboard

with a cushioning layer on the surface.

Similarly, more comfortable walking.


Mini flat treadmill one button is activated,

and the power button can be activated.

Above all, quiet does not affect others’ rest.





Flat Treadmill

This mini flat treadmill is the new best friend of fitness enthusiasts.

Mini flat treadmill not only is elegant but also even easier to store.

As well as it can meet your daily training needs.


I love the mini flat treadmill!



The mini flat treadmill can also be folding,

which allows you to place it wherever you want.

Flat Treadmill

(1)Open the master switch, then change the speed by your step.

We control the speed by your run step which is base on electric current principle and pressure.


(2)The brushless motor is anti-noise compare with brush motor.

Brushless motor hasn’t the overhot problem even you run for a whole day


(3)After-sales service: If there is any problem after the sale.


(4)It is super easy to repair it. Only need to change PCB.

Because the brushless motor got long-lifetime.


(5) Price: Since most of the material is made by our own factory,

the quality and price are very competitive.


(6)Easy Storage: Slim profile allows for under the bed or sofa storage


(7)Motor runs easily and powerfully in limited space


(8)Collapsible handrail technology


(9)Anti-slip, noise and shock absorption


(10) A quarter of the weight of a traditional treadmill


Folding Treadmill Walking Exercise Machine

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