American Style Home Theater Relax Lifting Recliner.

Duo motors for Reclining and Lifting.

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This Lifting Recliner is a perfect choice for watching movies.

Comfortable cushion surround your back,

with remote stepless recline function,

provides you the best experience of Home Theater,

you won’t feel pain or uncomfortable

even sitting on it for a long time.


Home Theater Relax Lifting Recliner is insane in America.


If there is an elder family member,

who has suffered from back or leg problems,

this chair provides lifting function,

which can make him/her easy to stand up.


The MOQ is a 40HQ ( about 126 sets),

and we provides customize service,

so you can choose your favorite material and design every details

includes own logo, special colors …….

Every thing you want to design can be discussed!



Price will be given after design,

if you have interested in it

please feel free to contact us!

We will Reply as soon as possible.



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