The electric rise chair is of helpful features like motorized reclining,

an easy to use the remote control, as well as heating and massage.


Electric rise chair for those with mobility problems,

this provides great help to independence

as it’s possible to rise without anyone else’s help.


The electric riser chair is very great!

The chair upholstered in a supremely smooth,

rich PU fabric that will make you feel like you are floating on air,

this piece provides both comfort and durability.

Rise Chair


Lift function eases the transition from getting in and out of the chair.


Power controls not only ease the transition between sitting and standing but also adjust

the chair to meet your personalized lounging needs.


In addition,

electric lift chair featuring a plush seamed backrest with lumbar support,

comfortable seat and our arm design give you the perfect fit.


electric rise chair


This chair features a single motor mechanism and has designed for ease of use.


The simple to operate, two button handset allows you

to either rise or recline your chair at the touch of a button.


The rise function will enable you to raise the chair to an almost standing position,

making ideal for those who require assistance when transferring to or from the chair.


The recline function allows you to adjust the chair

to a comfortable snooze position for ultimate relaxation.

electric rise chair


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