Electric Elder Assistant Lifting Sofa is the best seller in many aging countries.



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Is there an elder member in your family?

Does he/she doesn’t want to bother you

but he/ she have suffered from some  back pain or knee pain,

so he/she can’t stand or sit easily?


Don’t worry,

This Electric Elder Assistant Lifting Sofa could help,

Lift Up and Lay Down function controlled by remote,

so that elder can stand or sit easily by him/herself !


This chair has been so popular in aging society countries,

so some of our clients will choose this one to sell in their country

and usually it sells very well

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Length: 82 cm
Height: 64 cm
Width(in): 50 cm
Width(out): 74 cm
Depth: 57 cm
Height: 48 cm
Full Height : 108 cm
Full Length : 174 cm
Weight : 53.3 kg


-Spine Support For longer sitting

-3M Tech Water repellent



-Wide & Covered cushion Attached Back & seat

-Weight Capacity Up to 150 KG

-Zero Gravity Design