Acupuncture Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine With Heat Kneading And Compression



Acupuncture Foot Massager

I’ll start by telling you what acupuncture foot massager shiatsu machine.

After that, I’ll tell you why you should always use them.


The acupuncture foot massage machine brings you relaxation, pain relief,

and comfort that you will not get with any other massager.

Our thoroughly-tested, functional and compact massager is designed to bring comfort and relieve tension in your feet.

The multiple speed, pressure, and heat options will give you a unique and deeply relaxing massage.


The control panel is on top of the massager and is super easy to use.

There is a power button, heat button, intensity button, and air pressure button,

so you do have to reach down to choose your settings.



Acupuncture Foot Massage Machine



【Relax with Foot Acupressure Massage】

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine,

90 acupressure points on 6 unique massage nodes,

help energize and stimulate tired feet.


【Instep Compression Massage】

Firstly,2 airbags of the compression massager are inflated

and deflated for rhythmic compression massage on insteps.

You can among 3 levels customize optimum massage intensity.


【Ergonomic Design And Wide Size Compatibility】

Massage nodes conform to foot contours ergonomically and comfortably.

Features wide massage surface to better fit feet of different sizes and shapes.



Shiatsu Foot Massager


You can move your feet around while using the foot massager to hit all of your target spots just right!

Then there is the air pressure that can be left off or set to low, medium, or high.


It inflates an air pocket around the top and sides of the feet,

which gives a cozy squeeze and presses the soles of your feet more firmly into the acupressure discs.


I like the medium-pressure setting the best,

but the high-pressure setting is great for those who like it to hurt so good.


It does a really good job of digging into those aching feet!

Using no air pressure or low pressure is perfect to

just sit back and relax, helping to melt the stress away.


Foot Acupuncture Massage Machine


About the Acupuncture Foot Massager product

After a long, tiring day, indulge yourself in soothing foot massage by acupuncture foot massager.

A foot massage machine, in addition, incorporating acupressure, kneading, compression, and heat.



Firstly, simply sit down and relax, then place your feet on the massage nodes.

Secondly, your sole acupuncture points, which connect different body parts,

further, will be well targeted to soothe tired feet for ultimate comfort,

and bringing relaxation further to the whole body.


The acupuncture foot massager is very great!

This product not only helped relieve my foot and toes bad pain.

But also the perfect amount of intensity to help work out the tension in my feet!

I love the acupuncture foot massager shiatsu machine!

I loved the compression and heat elements of it.

In conclusion, the acupuncture foot massage machine is great!


Whether you just need a cup of tea and a moment to relax, or a full on deep tissue massage.
This shiatsu foot massager has a setting that will work for you!


This foot massager will be great to increase circulation and warm your feet after.

I am most looking forward to using it.


Acupuncture Foot Massager



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